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“My clients are very important to me. They come to me in a journey where they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am there to guide them legally.” – M. Teresa A. Faherty 

Attorney M. Teresa A. Faherty is proud to say that the foundation of her practice is that she truly cares about her clients. She believes her clients deserve the highest-quality representation and she has established this throughout her firm.

M. Teresa A. Faherty has been practicing law for 30 years. She is admitted to practice by the New York State Bar and the Connecticut State Bar. She has devoted her practice to family law, estates, wills, trusts and probate matters. 

Ms. Faherty feels every one should have a will and have a power of attorney as well as a medical living will to name a few. She  personally forgot about her own planning until she was faced with taking a trip to a foreign country where there was active military defense. She, very quickly, signed a will and a power of attorney before she left. It was a wise action. It wasn’t used (her will and power attorney), fortunately, but now it was done. She have not left a mess for her family. In family law, there are legal situations that occur such a divorce, property settlements, alimony and spousal support. 

Ms. Faherty knows that many issues can arise when it comes to family matters, it is an emotional and difficult time in their lives. Facing hard decisions can be uncomfortable but you must prepare a plan for the future.

Practice Areas:

  • Family Law
  • Estates
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate Matters

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M. Teresa A. Faherty

 M.A. from Montclair State College (1970) and her J.D. from Pace University (1988). She is a member of the Columbian Lawyers of Rockland County (Former Officer, Vice President, secretary and Board Member), Board member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Member of the New City Rotary Club, a member of the Rockland County Womens Bar Association, the Rockland County Bar association and New York Bar Association,  She is also a former member of the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter


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